Simon Groves

Wood - Simon Groves - dog sculpture


Having discovered the world of the chainsaw artist in 2011, Simon decided to put his hand to the art, producing his very first piece, carved initials for his sister’s wedding.  During 2014, Simon was commissioned to create a life-sized World War One soldier, for a four-year-long placement in Rustington town centre. This project was designed to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the start of the First World War.


Encouraged by his success, he developed ideas and produced a range of simple carvings, including mushrooms, small benches and chairs. As Simon’s confidence and ability improved, he attempted more intricate designs, such as bears and other small animals.  Simon soon discovered detail was key in the observation and carving of proportions, especially in facial expressions, which up till this point, he had limited to the bear sculptures only.


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Tel: 07917 299496

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