Rosi Robinson – Batik

I have been chosen as one of 8 finalists in the ‘International Artist’ magazine competition titled ‘Seascapes, Lakes and Rivers’. My batik painting – ‘Reflections of a Tree’ was the work selected and was featured in the Feb/March 2022 issue of ‘International Magazine’. I have a page featuring my inspiration, design strategy and also my batik working process. I feel proud that although my batik painting is on cotton fabric, it was considered as a ‘Fine Art’ painting. All the other finalist pictures were painted in oils, watercolour, acrylics, or drawn in pastels.

I have recently also been filmed for Bargain Hunt!! I was in the States during January and February so when I received an email (completely out of the blue) from the BBC Bargain Hunt antique show inviting me to be filmed for the programme, I was amazed. I couldn’t say no.

So, I returned home earlier than planned, in time for the filming on March 1st. 

I’m not sure why they chose me. They were filming at Ardingly Antiques fair and they usually choose a subject to film relating to the area, for example a historical subject, a local business or something to do with Sussex. My work is not particularly Sussex based, nor is it antique, nor a necessarily a bargain! Apparently they saw my work on the Sussex Guild website and then looked at my own website.  I am amazed that they chose me above anyone else in the Guild. There are more ‘Sussex’ related artists/crafts people than me – but I’m not complaining!

Eric Knowles was the presenter. He and the production team came to film me in my small studio in Lindfield. They filmed me for three hours for a five minute slot. I’m not sure what I said to Eric off mike or what I talked about on film. Let’s hope they cut all my waffle out!

For the process I pre-waxed some birds flying at sunset, thinking it would be easy to show the development. I waxed the sun to keep it white and then applied washes of yellow, orange and red dye over the fabric blending them as I went. Hopefully it was quite dramatic on film. It took me another two weeks to finish the batik – “Full Flight at Sunset”. I never expected it would take me so long to finish it!

I don’t know when the Bargain Hunt programme will be broadcast, but as soon as I find out, I’ll let the Sussex Guild know. I feel very honoured to have been chosen. It was such an opportunity to put batik on the map and to promote batik as a fine art.

Rosi Robinson

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