Rose Paba-Jones – Stone Carving

I think there are few who could deny that stone, with all its varieties of form and colour, is a beautiful material.  It is what attracted me to working with stone in the first place. Equally important to me though, is the knowledge that it is such an ancient material which seems to transcend time itself. When I´m stone carving, I feel connected to the past because of the age of the stone; I feel present and focused on my act of creativity and I also feel satisfaction knowing that something I´m making will last far beyond my life-time, potentially for thousands of years, in one form or another.

I´ve been a professional Stone Carver for 11years now, having graduated from Newcastle University with a BA Hons in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture, and then going onto complete a Higher Diploma in Historic Stone Carving at The City & Guilds of London Art School.  After my training I began a letter carving business as well as pursuing my career as a Stone Sculptor. 

I´ve also been a recipient of several awards – a Duke of Gloucester Award for Excellence in Stone Carving, a London Mayor Covid Award for Outstanding Achievement and recently a Musa International Woman Art Award 2022

My main focus is now sculpture, much of which has been inspired by my travels around South America where I discovered the beauty of Pre-Colombian art.  I connected with simple applied art objects such as pots and vases which were loaded with symbolism and spirituality through simple decorative forms.  In response I created my own symbolic forms, most of which are abstract representations of the feminine.  My ideas usually develop from drawings and sometimes into wax or clay models before I am ready to carve.  The physicality of the process might deter some people and although it is hard work, I also find it very empowering.  You will find an exchange of energy taking place.  One influence of mine, Henry Moore, thought of natural form not as a lifeless mass, but a container of energy.  He said that one should ´carve the particular form which the material holds captive´.  To remind myself of this gives me confidence when I´m faced with a fresh raw block – I have no fear because I think that the sculpture is already there inside simply waiting to be released!

Hopefully, I have piqued your interest in picking up a hammer and chisel yourself. If you fancy giving it a go at one of my stone carving or letter carving courses, or just to see the inner workings of a stone studio and some beautiful sculpture please email me at  You can see my work on display with The Sussex Guild at Pashley Manor Gardens, 27th to 29th August.

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