Small Lapis Lazuli Pendant

The Small Lapis Lazuli Pendant features an intense royal blue surface with golden iron pyrite inclusions. Each stone is unique, giving it individual character and making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


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Nature’s Beauty Captured: The lapis lazuli features natural golden iron pyrite inclusions that vary from stone to stone, making each pendant a unique work of art.

Rough-Cleaved Finish: The stone’s rough-cleaved finish preserves its natural essence, showcasing its raw beauty.

Luxurious Setting Options: Choose from a gold-plated hammered silver (“vermeil”) setting or a solid 9ct yellow gold setting, allowing you to tailor the pendant to your personal style and preference.

Generous Size: Measuring 25mm long, this pendant is eye-catching thanks to its size and colouration.
Complete with Chain: The pendant is complemented by an 18″ curb chain.

Customised Excellence: For those seeking ultimate luxury, you can enquire about a handmade version in 18ct gold, through our ‘Customise’ form.