Large Lapis Lazuli Pendant

The Large Lapis Lazuli Pendant features a sizable gemstone, with shimmering gold (iron pyrites) inclusions that glisten like the night sky. The intense royal blue surface is rough-cleaved for a natural finish, adding to its unique charm.


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Exquisite Gemstone: The lapis lazuli gemstone, flecked with golden iron pyrites, radiates a rich royal blue hue, creating a mesmerising visual appeal.

Natural Finish: The rough cleaved texture enhances the pendant’s authenticity, giving it a rugged yet refined look that showcases the stone’s natural beauty.

Elegant Setting: Encased in hammered silver or gold plated “vermeil,” the pendant’s setting perfectly complements the gemstone’s richness.

Generous Dimensions: Measuring approximately 40mm x 25mm, this pendant commands attention with its substantial size and striking presence.

Complementary Chain: The pendant is accompanied by an 18-inch curb chain, allowing for easy and stylish wear.