Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Silver Bracelet

This Lapis Lazuli Gold Plated Silver Bracelet is made from 15mm squares of lapis lazuli – an intense matt royal blue gemstone, flecked with gold (iron pyrites) inclusions.


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Although the stones are rough-cut for a natural-looking finish, they are polished on the inside so they feel smooth on the skin.

Unique rough-cut lapis lazuli: Embrace the beauty of raw, natural lapis lazuli, each piece showcasing its unique characteristics.

Textured hammered gold-plated sterling 925 silver: The perfect complement to the deep blue lapis lazuli, the gold-plated sterling 925 silver adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to this bracelet.

Sprung box catch with safety clip: Designed with your convenience and security in mind, the sprung box catch ensures easy wearing and a safety clip adds an extra layer of protection.

Flexibly strung for comfort and practicality: Experience comfort like never before with our flexible stringing technique, allowing the bracelet to adapt to your movements effortlessly.

7.25-inch circumference: With a comfortable circumference of 7.25 inches, this bracelet beautifully adorns your wrist and accentuates your style.