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Nigel Graham is a contemporary jewellery designer. Nigel specialises in bespoke and distinctive gold and silver jewellery designs, tableware and enchanting timepieces.  His works draws inspiration from the earth and the design values of the Art & Craft movement of the early 1900s.

Whilst all of Nigel’s pieces are unique he also offers a commission service for anyone who is looking to bring their won jewellery ideas to life for that special occasion.


Nigel Graham is a contemporary jewellery designer based in the town of Eastbourne. Specialising in bespoke and distinctive gold and silver jewellery designs, tableware and enchanting timepieces. His design vocabulary derives from a wide range of sources which reflect His personal interests: the natural forms of rocks, pebbles and seashells he has collected, old broken machine parts which trigger ideas of alien travel and the childhood memories of playing with his grandmothers tin of old buttons and costume jewellery, which no longer worn but kept for the memories they evoke. The area where he lives gives endless design possibilities as well, from the eroded stonework of ancient churches to the wild and beautiful “secret” places of the South Downs.
The ethics of the mediaeval metalwork and the 19th century “Arts and Crafts” movement are also an influence, as are the tribal and ancient jewellery which illustrates the need to arrange objects in new and meaningful relationships.
He work in all of the precious metals and use precious and semi-precious gemstones, specialising in the “up-cycling” of customers broken, unloved and out of vogue jewellery into new exciting pieces of modern jewellery. He involves customers in the design and manufacture of new pieces so they can experience some of the magic of making.


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Facebook:  Nigel Graham bespoke jeweller and designer goldsmith.
Tel: 01323 649023

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