Jo Pearson

Jewellery Jo Perason Amethyst Spiral Pebble


Jo Pearson graduated with BA Hons in 1992 specialising in metal/jewellery and self-taught glass techniques. Her unique designs focus on the blending of different materials and their interaction: of different metals and glass. Colour and light, tone and pattern are all important aspects of her work.


The fluid nature of fusing glass makes every piece of her work organic and unique.

The whole process evolves from the making and shaping of the glass, to the addition of sterling silver and the setting of the gems. Her passion for colour and tone is truly evident throughout her work and attention to detail is paramount. She loves exploring new techniques pushing her skills further allowing her materials to dictate the final designs.  

She often works to commission, one example being the large image above and is an active member of the Sussex Guild. 


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