Cécile Gilbert


Cécile Gilbert is a French resin jeweller, who trained via part-time classes in plastics at Brighton Art College and silversmith classes in Chris Hawkins’ studio. Taking inspiration from Art Deco and Mid-century Modern design, she creates a wide range of sculptural and eye-catching pieces.


After years of practice and experimenting, Cécile has developed cutout, layering, and casting techniques, which allow her to play with geometric shapes and striking motifs. The original piece is firstly cast in a single colour and undergoes multiple stages of cutting and recasting. Once cured, it is shaped on a belt sander to be meticulously sanded by hand to a pebble-smooth finish or a lush gloss. Finally, the silver fitments are added on. By perfecting her original masters, Cécile is able to create various sizes in all bangles and rings, fitting most hands and fingers. Each jewel is one-of a-kind, slightly differing in pattern, assuring that your piece is unique.


Contact Me

Website:: tikibrighton.com
Email: cecile@tikibrighton.com
Tel:  07719563673
Facebook: Tiki Brighton
Instagram: @tikibrighton

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