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With over 20 years specialising in glass casting Deborah has become renowned for creating beautiful glass sculptures and bowls. She shows in the UK and internationally. Deborah’s workshop is on the Borde Hill Estate near Haywards Heath where she runs fused glass classes.


Over the last 2 decades I have explored many ways of working with glass and different imagery. I’m focusing more now on cast glass. Here are images of two of my favourite ways of working. The glass sculptures ‘Constructed walls’ explore the beauty of stone bridges, harbour walls, dry stone walling and rocky outcrops.

The compositions are evocative of the landscape and suggest rocks and stones placed harmoniously together, contrasting defined edges with the softness of adjacent vegetation. The blocks of colour echo the surrounding landscape, water and sky. They have a sense of place and atmosphere.

The textured cast bowls are another method I have developed and evolved. The surface is created using highly textured fabrics. The juxtaposition of surface marks such as the weave, frayed edges or structural folds of deeply ribbed fabrics create the composition.

My most recent bowls feature smaller elements which I fire and then incorporate them in a second firing to make my abstract flower and berry bowls. My bowls are often highlighted with 23.5ct gold or gold lustre to create a beautiful centrepiece. All the pieces are one offs – the mould is broken away.

Alongside my cast work I also make fused glass – bowls, mirrors, panels – it’s a very flexible method. I teach glass fusing courses at my workshop; please contact me for a leaflet.


Contact Me

Telephone: 07874 239 400
Address: 12c Sugworth Farm, Borde Hill Estate, Balcombe Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1XP
Opening times: By appointment only.
Facebook: @Deborahtimperleyglass 
Instagram: @Deborah_timperley_glass

Please visit my Sussex Guild Online Shop Page

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