Diane Rogers

Textiles - Diane Rogers - Wave Bark


After graduating from Loughborough with a B.A. Hons. in Fashion/Textiles, Diane moved to Brighton and worked for many years as a successful freelance printed textile designer. Diane creates original, hand painted or printed, embroidered silk textile art and has exhibited in the United States, London and the South East.


Inspiration for Diane’s work comes from nature and the natural environment. Main themes are carpets of rich colourful leaves, gnarled, grainy texture of tree bark, the pebbles of Brighton beach, tangles of nets and the rock pools further up the coast. Photography is the first stage in the development of her silk textile art. The captured images are used as reference to hand paint with dyes or printed directly onto silk. Then embroidery and embellishment by hand and/or free machine stitching through a quilted layer , creates texture and raised areas in relief. This gives a compelling, irresistible tactile quality to each original piece .There is a fascinating discord between the smooth lustrous quality and properties of silk as a medium and the subject matter.


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Website: www.dianerogers.co.uk
Telephone: 07901 898727

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