Ray Mallaney

Ray Mallaney


Ray originally trained under Paul Astbury and Emmanuel Cooper at Middlesex Poly and since then has combined making one-off vessels with teaching. Since 2012 he has concentrated fully on designing and making hand-built porcelain electric lights at his studio near Hampton Court.


Ray’s present work is in the form of domestic lighting, using normal low energy light bulbs. The lights are made of hand-built cylinders of various sizes, which have been incised, carved or impressed and then pierced at the wet stage to create patterns or designs. , the Different levels of pressure or carving create different ‘tones’ of translucency when the lights are high glaze fired. Some pieces are then coloured using low temperature earthenware glazes as an ‘on-glaze’ decoration.

Ray’s lights create a soothing ambient lighting ambience suitable for all rooms, and because they use low energy bulbs they do not become hot, so they can therefore be left on as ‘security’ lighting when you are away from the house. The delicate light glow is also good as a night light in bedroom or nursery.


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Website: www.raymallaneyceramics.co.uk
Email: ray.mallaney@gmail.com

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