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Justine gained a degree of notoriety at Central St. Martins School of Art in 1996 by causing a catastrophic kiln melt-down when she graduated with a B.A. Hons in Ceramic Design. Her specialism is handmade porcelain. Justine’s pieces have been commissioned by The British Museum to accompany major exhibitions and she supplies prestigious galleries throughout the UK and Europe.


In true Arts and Crafts tradition, Justine draws from nature to visually design distinctive functional shapes which are in harmony with their nature-inspired decoration. She develops and realises each individual form using a variety of hand crafting techniques in its making, including throwing, moulding, and soft slabbing. Each creation is brought to life after its first bisque firing by its hand drawn surface decoration, which Justine executes in oxide pencils. A second bisque firing fixes this drawing, before the piece is dipped into liquid glaze and it undergoes a final firing to 1250C. This high temperature endows the artwork with an enigmatic lightness, translucency, great strength, and durability.

Justine’s work has an unmistakable quality and style which makes it immediately recognizable. Each piece is signed on the base.


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