Jon Barrett-Danes

Jon Barrett-Danes


Jon graduated with a BA Hons in ceramics from Bristol in 1985, and is the sixth generation of his family to work in clay. He started off making thrown domestic ware but later moved into hand-built sculptures of farm animals for house and garden, mainly sheep, pigs and chickens.


Jon’s work ranges from tiny animal heads to almost life-size sheep. He uses traditional hand-building techniques such as pulling (like the handle of a mug) for legs, and coiling for the rest of the body. He is very interested in texture; his sheep fleeces are ‘whisked’ with a metal tool to produce a woolly effect, and he uses copper pan scourers to rough up his pigs’ skin. Once fired, he uses a variety of slips and glazes to add colour and movement, most of which he makes himself. He builds these up over several layers, often washing them back to give an aged effect.

As well as his almost-life size sheep, he makes smaller animals and tiny animal heads, plus a range of rustic farmhouse kitchen ware, which he throws on the wheel. He exhibits regularly around the country and in several galleries, and undertakes commissions.


Contact Me

Telephone: 07742 998434
Address: 5 The Courtyard, Hartley Park Farm, Selborne Road, Alton, Hampshire GU34 3HP
Facebook: @BarrettDanes
Opening times: Usually open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning, but subject to change, so best to call beforehand.

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