Holly Bell

Ceramics - Holly Bell - eight pots


Holly grew up in West Sussex and the countryside around the South Downs , spending a lot of time walking and sketching or taking photos in the woodland and on the coast, and this passion for the natural environment informed the research for my work. In 2006 she graduated from the University of Brighton, with a First Class BA (hons) Wood, Metals, Ceramics and Plastics.


Holly’s work is a response to the calm palette and sweeping, curved forms found in the coastal landscape. Each piece is handmade using a white stoneware clay and hand glazed, and so each is original. Holly uses glazes to describe the layers of colour found at the horizon; often experimenting with glaze combinations that overlap and react to create texture and depth in the glazed surface. The palette she works with is subtle, but an integral part of my design process. The dimple impressions serve to both echo the shapes of the hills and coastline near her home in Sussex, and also to retain a sense of the clay in its raw state before the firing process has been completed.


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Website: www.hollybell.co.uk
Email: hlbell.hb@gmail.com
Tel: 07899 886275

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