Glenice Hoffmann

Glenice Hoffmann (Ceramics)


Glenice returned to the creative and calming activity of pottery in 2014, after a 25-year career in parliamentary reporting. She began at The Clay Studio, Groombridge, and in 2022 graduated from the intensive, full-time Ceramics Development Course at Forest Row School of Ceramics. Now working from her Forest Row studio, she creates individual abstract forms, striking decorative pieces, all hand-built in stoneware.


In her work, Glenice explores sculptural forms and objects whose shapes change as one moves around them, inviting viewers to touch, lift and rearrange in new ways. In their line, she focuses on the geometric elements of the circle, angle, straight line and curve, and seeks to achieve a sense of depth, balance, harmony and calm. In their finish, Glenice burnishes, polishes, smoke-fires or leaves the clay raw and natural to give textural definition, leaving each piece unique.


Initially referencing the striking lines of Hans Coper, James Oughtibridge and Barbara Hepworth, her work is also influenced by her study of art history, particularly the movement to abstraction at the beginning of the twentieth century by Franz Marc, Mondrian and Kandinsky in their use of sharp shapes and clear linear qualities.

Glenice exhibits regularly around Sussex.


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Telephone: 07745 804451
Instagram: glenice_ceramics


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