Barbara Gittings Ceramics

Barbara Gittings


Barbara makes sculptural ceramics. She uses a grogged porcelain, adding oxides and using nerikomi techniques to put patterns through the clay. Barbara has come to ceramics late, having spent 30 years in the fashion industry. Largely self-taught, she started evening classes in 1999 and quickly developed an obsession with clay.


Barbara’s work draws inspiration from her childhood experience of African art and culture. She’s intrigued by the geometry in nature, especially when skewed or distorted. Her work is slab-built, using sections of patterned clay. After biscuit-firing she sands the pieces and then smoke-fires and waxes them. Her work is purely decorative and, as it is low-fired, it is not impermeable, so is not suitable for functional use. Barbara works to commission for private customers, designers and curators.


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