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Rose Paba-Jones – Stone Carving

I think there are few who could deny that stone, with all its varieties of form and colour, is a beautiful material.  It is what attracted me to working with stone in the first place. Equally important to me though, is the knowledge that it is such an ancient material which seems to transcend time itself.

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Becky Crow – Creating Illustrative Jewellery

It’s a common recurring question in life, and one that I still find a little tricky to answer in a straightforward way. “So what do you do?” “I’m a jeweller” “Oh, what kind of jewellery do you make?” “Mmmh, well it’s very illustrative…” And it’s at this point that, these days, I usually reach for my

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John Warren – My life in making.

I have always made things. When young, guns to play with from wood, bags from fabric and leather, crude sandals from rope, models from card and found materials, knitted jumpers.  I even made a tent out of an old sheet when I was 11 or 12 using mum’s old treadle sewing machine. This was my first

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Rosi Robinson – Batik

I have been chosen as one of 8 finalists in the ‘International Artist’ magazine competition titled ‘Seascapes, Lakes and Rivers’. My batik painting – ‘Reflections of a Tree’ was the work selected and was featured in the Feb/March 2022 issue of ‘International Magazine’. I have a page featuring my inspiration, design strategy and also my batik working process. I feel

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Alice Robson – A Lifetime of Learning

I was first introduced to jewellery making when I was doing my A’Levels back in 1987. Wednesday afternoons at Cranbrook school were dedicated to ‘Activities’ and over the course of two terms my fascination and love for the craft evolved. I’d love to find the lady who ran that workshop so I could thank her because,

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Jonathan Chiswell-Jones at work in the pottery

Ruminations from the pottery

Ruminations from the pottery March 18, 2022 It has always seemed to me ironic that the Craft Council has, for many years now, tried to persuade us that we are really artists, and that being an artist opens up a world of high prices, elevated status, and respect in the wider community. This may be or

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