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Rosi Robinson – Batik

I have been chosen as one of 8 finalists in the ‘International Artist’ magazine competition titled ‘Seascapes, Lakes and Rivers’. My batik painting – ‘Reflections of a Tree’ was the work selected and was featured in the Feb/March 2022 issue of ‘International Magazine’. I have a page featuring my inspiration, design strategy and also my batik working process. I feel

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Alice Robson – A Lifetime of Learning

I was first introduced to jewellery making when I was doing my A’Levels back in 1987. Wednesday afternoons at Cranbrook school were dedicated to ‘Activities’ and over the course of two terms my fascination and love for the craft evolved. I’d love to find the lady who ran that workshop so I could thank her because,

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Jonathan Chiswell-Jones at work in the pottery

Ruminations from the pottery

Ruminations from the pottery March 18, 2022 It has always seemed to me ironic that the Craft Council has, for many years now, tried to persuade us that we are really artists, and that being an artist opens up a world of high prices, elevated status, and respect in the wider community. This may be or

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DarrenBall – Stitchcraft

DarrenBall – Stitchcraft December 5, 2021 I graduated with a degree in Fashion Textiles from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1990.  I had a wonderful time, loving the opportunity to be creative and make every day.  I specialised in hand-knit as I loved the potential for detail and also the quality of a handmade garment.  After graduating I

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Caroline Brook - Jeweller

Caroline Brook – Jeweller

Caroline Brook – Jeweller November 14, 2021 My journey into jewellery making didn’t start until I was in my mid-thirties. I’ve always loved making things but didn’t get the opportunity to study Art, and it wasn’t until many years later that I signed up for an evening class in Sculpture. The class was cancelled, and I

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Textiles Heather Collins in her Workshop

Heather Collins – My Journey with Fabric and Threads

Heather Collins – My Journey with Fabric and Threads August 16, 2021 I revisited embroidery at the age of 35 by way of a one-day strip patchwork workshop. This course was followed by a 1 year part-time Art A level course. Having been told at 15 by a teacher I could not draw ( I still

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The Bishop of Stepney crosier in use

New Crosier for The Bishop of Stepney

New Crosier for The Bishop of Stepney August 16, 2021 In July 2019, Colin Norgate, a craftsman in wood, was commissioned to make a Crosier for the new Bishop of Stepney (London) A meeting was held at Colin’s workshop to discuss some of The Bishop’s thoughts and ideas which could be incorporated within the design. With

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Ceramics - Barbara Gittings

Barbara Gittings : My Ceramic Journey

Barbara Gittings : My Ceramic Journey August 20, 2021 I came to ceramics late in life, having worked in the fashion industry for about 30 years. I started taking pottery evening classes in 1999 and I was soon obsessed. In the early 2000’s did a week long smoke-firing course with Jane Perryman which was wonderfully inspiring.

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Making Unique Jewellery

Making Unique Jewellery

Making Unique Jewellery June 4, 2021 I grew up in France, near Cholet in the Loire Valley. From the age of 15, I focused on art & design subjects at school. After my A-level (applied art), I entered a graphic design and illustration school – L’AGR Ecole de L’Image in Nantes. Our training in the first

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A Life in Ceramics - Jon Barrett-Danes

A Life in Ceramics – Jon Barrett-Danes

A Life in Ceramics – Jon Barrett-Danes April 15, 2021 Ceramics was always something my parents did, and when I was growing up it was just something that was happening around me. Although I did have an interest, I was far more interested in other things as you would expect from a teenage boy. Most of my

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