Heather Collins


Heather Collins


Heather Collins produces free machine embroidery, embellishing her work where appropriate with hand stitching that uses a variety of threads. Her work has been selected for international textile exhibitions.


Inspiration for Heather‘s work comes from the seascape and landscape near her home. She is drawn to the colours of decay in nature and her surroundings. She creates this unique art by free machining snippets of wool, thread, and fabric together to make a tactile statement describing the natural world. Her pieces are not felted or worked on an embellishing machine; they are the product of free machine embroidery.



Website: www.heathercollins.co.uk
Email: moc.t1516144738enret1516144738nitb@1516144738632sn1516144738illoc1516144738.h1516144738
Telephone: 01424 219918