Sue Scullard

Sue Scullard

Sue Scullard


Sue was introduced to wood engraving on endgrain boxwood at the Royal College of Art twenty five years ago, and since then she has been making prints for illustration, commissions and for exhibition. The small size and close grain of the woodblocks lend themselves to detailed work.


Inspirations include landscape and architecture, and she is fascinated by subjects which give her the opportunity to explore the textures and patterns which can be made with the various engraving tools.



Email: ku.oc1516144969.dral1516144969lucse1516144969us@eu1516144969s1516144969
Telephone: 01580 714340
Address: Beech Hill Cottage, Glassenbury Road, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2QJ
Opening times: Not open to the public