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Louise Turner-Creasey


Louise is a textile artist who specialises in creating highly individual handbags, her  work is designed and made using skills acquired from an academic study of art, craft and design  alongside an established tradition of making.  Her Art Foundation course was followed by a Degree in Theatre studies and art (costume and textiles) ,  OCA Textiles and recently  Wimbledons – Corsetry in Focus.


A variety of fabrics are used in Louise’s work including silk and velvet and some vintage pieces.  Techniques such as pleating, gathering, machine embroidery, puffs and ruffles are used to create structure and form as well as embellishment.

Fascinated by flowers and their intricate design, Louise is inspired to create her Flower Bags.  Historical costume and Haute Couture are also a source of inspiration.

Louise loves the things she makes to have a use but within that realm her designs are sensuous, tactile, exciting, surprising and vibrant with colour.

“Fashion Trims” was published in 2008 – a beautiful book  Louise was commissioned to write with thirty projects for creating clothes and accessories.  She runs regular sewing workshops based on the book.  (details on The Sussex Guild Event Room programme)





tel: 07791737072