Ulli Kaiser

Ulli Kaiser

Ulli Kaiser


Ulli studied Textile Art and Art Education (emphasis painting)  at the “Mozarteum” Salzburg, Austria. After many years in Hong Kong she moved with her family to England where she now works from her studio in Guildford, Surrey.


Ulli takes a contemporary approach to bead crochet. Fascinated by the tension that can be created between different materials, their textures and their colour combinations she uses bead crochet and silversmithing techniques to create unique pieces of jewellery. For her crochet work she prefers to use contemporary and vintage facet cut glass beads, 19th century metal beads, pearls and tiny gemstones. Old studies of plants and underwater creatures are her source of inspiration; nevertheless all her work evolves when being made.



Website: www.ullikaiser.co.uk
Email: ku.oc1516144262.resi1516144262akill1516144262u@ill1516144262u1516144262
Telephone: 01483 533 558 Mobile: 07771 545 114
Address: 31 Wilderness Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7QX