Sylvaine Frouin

Sylvaine Frouin


Sylvaine Frouin is a French jeweller based in Brighton. She graduated in 2009  from L’école Tané, a professional school of jewellery and silversmithing in Brittany. Sylvaine creates jewellery that tells stories. Her work is constantly evolving, and she likes to experiment and play with various themes and techniques. Her designs are inspired by the innocence of childhood, the beauty of nature, and the magic of dreams. She also takes on commission work and enjoys designing/making unique bespoke jewellery and personalised objects.


Sylvaine Frouin’s designs associate organic shapes with geometric lines. They are often narrative; faces appear a lot in her work. She uses many different techniques and likes to imagine systems to give movement to her pieces. Her jewels combine silver with other materials such as gold, gemstones, wood, etc. Sometimes she uses a blend of jewellery, woodworkand illustration to create unexpected ‘Jewel-Objects’. The intention here is to give life to a piece when it is not being worn; the jewel itself is embedded in a small painted sculpture and becomes the heart of a colourful world or supplies the missing fragment of the story



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